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Regular Translation Starts From:

Translation Services and Professional Interpreting for legal, medical, business, immigration, and more. If you are in search of the best translation company with 100 percent human services, you have come to the right place.






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Notarized Translation Starts From:

From personal legal certificates to corporate legal files, globalization means that many people require accurate, certified translations of official and legal documents between many languages. AA Translations employs translators with many years of experience in translating such documents and material, ready to provide you with perfectly accurate translated documents at a record time.


Manual Translation Starts From:

Clients and consumers around the world wish to buy your products. However, catering to their needs requires the provision of operational manuals in their local language. Our linguistic experts will provide flawless translation, editing, and localization of your products' operation manuals, ready for local marketing and implementation in your target market.


Passport Stamps Translation Starts From :

When you apply for Citizenship or Permanent Residence in Canada, you will need to translate parts of your passport. Generally, you will need to translate passport stamps or passport visas that are in languages other than French and English. CIC requires you to have both the entry stamps and the exit stamps translated by a Certified Translator. They will also require you to provide them with a copy of all pages including blank pages in each passport.


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