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For Business

Today's global business world often requires communication and documentation in a variety of languages. To aid you in this respect, AA Translation offers a wide variety of linguistic services to our business clients. We have years of experience in commercial translation of highly varied material, from marketing brochures to patents to business presentations. We offer ordinary (human) translation services provided by experienced experts; machine translation and post-editing; transcription and translation of audio and video files; editing; and localization services. We can also provide layout and design services using Adobe InDesign™. Our staff are highly experienced and ready to fulfill your business needs and facilitate your commercial success.
We are also experienced with modern online and computerized tools, such as translation APIs, Content Management Systems (CMS), online quality frameworks, and localization of online content. We offer you cutting-edge service at a wonderfully affordable price.
  • Commercial
  • InDesign
  • Machine Translation
  • Patent
  • Technical
  • Translation API
  • Video Transcription & Translation
  • Website Translation and Localization
  • Quality Framework
  • Content Management System (CMS)
  • Others

For Industry

Modern industry is a global business. Enterprises and firms often have international clients and suppliers and must comply with international regulations. This requires working in a multilingual environment, where documents and communications are exchanged at a variety of languages. We at AA Translation offer to place at your disposal our considerable experience in translation, editing, and transcription across multiple industries. Our linguistic experts are intimately familiar with the language and jargon of a wide range of industrial enterprises, from energy and mining to the finance industry to gaming to tourism.
This knowledge, coupled with excellent professional standards and skills, allow us to offer you the perfect solution for running an industrial business in a multilingual international environment. All of this – at a record-breaking speed and at market-leading quality.
  • eCommerce
  • Energy and Mining
  • Financial
  • Gaming
  • Legal
  • Marketing & Advertising
  • Medical
  • Travel & Tourism
  • Others


Living in a globalized world often means dealing with documents and communications in a dazzling variety of languages. Authorities and businesses require translations of various personal documents, from birth certificates to diplomas. No matter where you travel and what kind of authority you interact with, AA Translation offers you comprehensive translation services, including – if necessary – certified and notarized translations accepted by virtually all international and local authorities. Our expert translators know the exact formal terminology and style of the languages they specialize in, ready to provide you with perfect-quality, accurate, and timely translation of any personal document within a wide variety of languages – all at unprecedented prices.
We offer all the linguistic services you need in one place – translation, transcription, and editing of any type of personal document into widely varied languages and localities, with meticulous attention to details and to the local culture, laws, and regulations.
  • Birth certificate
  • Marriage certificate
  • Provincial nominee
  • Police certificate
  • Diploma
  • Other

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