Certified translation

We at AA Translation offer certified and stamped translations of various official material, ready to provide you with documents readily acceptable by local authorities in their own language. We are experienced with the official standards of multiple nations, and we offer certified translation services catering to any local official needs.

Notarised translation

AA Translation works with notaries to provide you with notary-approved official documents, acceptable by the authorities in any country. Our translators are experienced in this work and have worked together with notaries for many years. Thus, you can count on us to fulfill your official translation needs in any language and to any destination country.

Sworn translation

Our translators are ready to sign sworn statements about any translation, professing their expertise and vouching, under oath, for the truthfulness and accuracy of the translation. From court documents and evidence to official certificates to personal documents, we are ready to provide you with the utmost legal and official assurance of our translation's authenticity.