Let AA Translation take care of your legal translation needs in Edmonton

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December 17, 2019
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February 16, 2020
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Let AA Translation take care of your legal translation needs in Edmonton

Edmonton translation services

Translating your legal documents doesn’t have to make you lose sleep. At AA Translation, we have a team of professionals, well-versed in the legal field, ready to take on your needs. Edmonton translation services moreover

Commercial contracts. Edmonton translation services.

Does your company do business internationally? If so, you may be required to provide copies of your contracts in the first language of your client. Working out the details in a commercial contract in hard enough without having to navigate a language barrier. Trust our linguistic experts to handle the translation of your documents in a timely manner so you can focus on the business you do best.

Bequeathal documents

Handling the estate of a deceased loved one is an emotional time. Add to that the complication of an international inheritance and you leave little room for grieving. AA Translation can help bring clarity to bequeathal documents that require translation to complete the process and settle the estate. We will work efficiently so you can gain your legacy without complications. Edmonton translation services

Professional evaluations

Your legal documents are an essential part of your life and business. Making sure they remain accurate and relevant is a big job. Our team of experts can use their vast experience in legal and formal language to ensure your documents are accurate and effective. We can edit your legal text to the extent that you need, and provide a complete report when the job is done.

Notarized translations. Edmonton translation services.

At AA Translation, we offer notarized translation. So you can have confidence that your documents will not only be accurate, but also certified from a legal standpoint. Our translators have many years of experience translating all forms of legal documents. They are deeply knowledgeable in legal terminology and will work quickly to provide prompt service for you.

Whatever your needs, business or personal, AA Translation is here to offer you the best in Edmonton legal translation services. Contact us today for a quote on your next project. Edmonton translation services however