Legal Transcription

We at AA Translation are highly experienced in the transcription of legal recordings, from court evidence to actual court sessions. Our experts will provide you with accurate, readable, and faithful transcription of such recordings, helping you build your legal case and promote your cause. If necessary, we can also provide sworn transcription services to provide you with the best legal transcription solution.

Business Transcription

Many of today's businesses prefer to record meetings and sessions rather than type minutes and protocols in real time. However, the need might arise to provide a written version of these recordings, whether as official minutes or for legal and other business purposes. AA Translation offers you years of experience in transcribing business meetings and related discussions – perfect for your enterprise's needs.

Lecture Transcription

Students and listeners often record university and other lectures. However, when the time comes to study the lecture's contents in greater detail, a written transcription is typically preferable. Towards this end, our expert transcribers, possessing advanced academic degrees, will create excellent transcriptions of such lectures, perfect for your study needs.

Video Transcription

In many cases, a need arises to transcribe the audio track of a video, whether for the preparation of subtitles, for legal purposes, or for the creation of a textual version of the video. Our transcribers are well experienced in working with video files and with online video services, ready to deliver perfect results at a short time.

Interview Transcription

Whether for academic research or for media purposes, interviews are often recorded. In many cases, you must have them transcribed to fully use them. Our excellent team at AA Translation is highly experienced in transcribing recorded interviews in the clearest and most accurate manner possible, facilitating your research work or journalistic article.


In many cases, you may want to record your thoughts into words – but lack the time to type them. AA Translation steps up to the challenge – all you need to do is record your thoughts into an audio file, and we will write it down for you – accurately and on a short notice!